Suits in particular cases

Suits by or against Governments (Sec. 79 to 82, O.27)

Suits by aliens and by or against foreign rulers, ambassadors (Sec. 85 to 87)

Suits relating to public matters (Sec. 91 to 93)

Suits by or against firms (O.30)

Suits by or against minors and unsound persons (O.32)

Suits by indigent persons (O.33)

Inter-pleader suits (Sec. 88, O.35)

Interim Orders

Commissions (Sec. 75, O.26)

Arrest before judgment and attachments before judgment (O.38)

Temporary injunctions (O.39)

Appointment of receivers (O.40)

Appeals (Ss. 90 to 109, O.41, 42, 43, 45)


Review and Revision (Ss. 113, 114, 115, O.46, O.46)

Caveat (Sec. 144.A)

Inherent powers of the court (Ss. 148, 149, 151)