As the demand for online transactions increases in multi-fold, the need for increased security of personal information storage becomes a necessity for online businesses. Protecting and storing of business sensitive data is a critical task for the website owners.

Robust advancement in the technology has fueled several innovations and growth for organizations engaged in internet and mobile commerce. You must secure your website employing latest cyber security policies, data protection, and strengthening hosting infrastructure as the cybercrime activities are on the rise.

Cybersquatting, Trademark infringement, and piracy are real threats to companies that engage in E-commerce, E-publishing, and electronic transactions. Our cyber law advocates will assist you with the cyber laws, compliances, rules, and regulations.

We provide advanced brand and intellectual property monitoring services. Whenever there is an IP infringement on your trademark or copyright, our expert cyber lawyers will quickly step in to defend and protect your rights irrespective of jurisdictional issues.

Our cyber law experts will assist you in taking strict defense against the cybercrime activities such as cyber defamation, software piracy, domain name disputes, digital signature issues, ISP/OSP liability, cyber law compliance and cyber risk management.

Represent clients in the areas of Cyber Law, Cyber Defamation, Cyber Forensics, Internet Piracy, Domain Name Disputes, Cybersquatting, ‘Click Wrap’ Contracts, Computer Crimes, Trade Secrets and Non-Competes, Intellectual Property, E-Commerce Consulting, Entertainment Law, Confidentiality/Antitrust/trademark violations, and Commercial Litigation.

Privacy, Data & Cyber Law Services

  • Incident preparedness and response plans
  • HIPAA and ITAA compliance
  • Litigation including negligence, malpractice, unauthorized access, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, etc.
  • Intellectual property: trade secrets, trademarks, and copyright protections
  • Cyber risk management
  • Cyber insurance
  • Management of privacy and data security audits
  • Data and website policies, contract guidance and indemnification clauses
  • Contract negotiations, including SaaS and cloud resources
  • Ethics and regulatory body responses

Legal Advice on Cyber Defamation

The brand image of an organization is essential for building a loyal, credible customer relationship. However, instances of cyber crime defamation due to competitors and disgruntled employees pose a vital threat to online businesses. Our expert legal advisors will assist you with the Online Brand Reputation Monitoring and Prevention to protect your brand image. You can also ask the lawyer to perform a quick Damage Recovery, instant removal of defamatory contents. Our advisor and defamation lawyers can assist you with the best legal help and defamatory practices. Other services include taking appropriate action against the defamer, maintaining and charging the reputational damage from the defamer.

Cyber Forensics & Investigation

Internet growth and advancement of technology have resulted in the increase of cyber crimes. The Cyber Forensics deals in the utilization of the information and technology to catalyze legal processes. It is a specialized tool with an advanced mechanism to store data and manipulate data evidence. Cyber Forensic has been successful in solving Criminal cases for decades. Cyber Forensics and Investigation deals with the systematic inspection and evaluation of the contents or evidence obtained from the computers or the digital storage media for legal activities. Our Cyber Forensic Investigating teams are certified by the Certified Cyber Forensics Professional (CCFP) and are expert in handling Digital Evidence, e-discovery, software forensics disputes, Cyber forensic investigation, criminal profiling, evidence preservation and Forensic analysis.

E-commerce Law Consulting

E-commerce has proved to be an efficient online business source in the current market. Due to the benefits, one can avail by shopping online. There are a plethora of opportunities for the people with online e-commerce transactions. However, a startup has to resolve many legal complexities encountered by them. In such cases, the alternative to gain recognition in the market by using established e-commerce giant’s service platforms by adhering to their rules and regulations for carrying out various online transactions.

Our efficient team Legal Consultants can assist you in E-commerce law consulting services such as:

  • Compliance consulting
  • Drafting of contracts and agreements
  • Compliance with data protection requirements
  • Data security
  • Tax requirements
  • Protection of Information
  • Data management

Our cyber law experts will assist you with the launch of an online store, market campaigning and advertising, legal advice, market study, enabling payment gateway, generating a contract between the suppliers, marketers, and logistics, designing terms of service and agreements.

Legal Drafting/Website Legal Compliance

Legal Drafting is defined as the process of drafting a legal document to provide and express client’s legal matter. At times companies need legal advice to draft contracts, enact laws, replaying or issuing notices and instructions. The advancement of Technology and latest innovation has redefined the legal drafting process and provided ease of doing business. Through e-Commerce and other websites, companies can provide their services to the customers and also interact with them to boost the future client base. Websites are now considered as a virtual office for the companies, and there is a strict legislation in India regarding internet usage and web activities like transactions, selling, buying, etc. Our expert lawyers will provide assistance with your web contents, Terms of Use/User Agreement, Disclaimer, and Privacy Policy.

Some of our drafting and compliance services include:

  • Drafting digital media contracts,
  • e-commerce regulations
  • Website agreements
  • Intellectual property contract drafting
  • Data management
  • Data security

IPR – Trademark, Copyright Law

There is an increase in opportunities due to the growth in technology and e-commerce development. The Internet provides a vast criterion to all the new small start-ups. However, every business has its trade secrets and ethics to achieve their objectives. There are firms that target other resources and trade practices to achieve quick financial benefits and recognition in the market by creating similar trademarks, designs or patents. This hampers the consumer base of the existing company that results in the loss of revenue and consumers. Intellectual property infringements comprise of the unfair or unauthorized use of the trademark or the secure trade practice which is protected under the Trademark Act, 1999.

IP Law Services

  • IP Licensing
  • Piracy Litigation
  • Trademark infringement
  • Copyright Protection
  • Cybersquatting
  • Trademark protection and examination
  • Copyright and Trademark
  • Software Licensing
  • Digital Copyright Infringement
  • Licensing of intellectual property, due diligence matters, non-infringement, patent clearance and patent validity.
  • Defense and prosecution of infringement litigation
  • Prosecution of applications for patents and trademarks and registration of copyrights.
  • Representation in opposition and interference proceedings

Media & Entertainment Law

Media and Entertainment industry has witnessed a huge growth and development in the past few years. The growing India’s GDP and the consumer’s demand are the main factors responsible for such an immense growth of M&E industry. With digitalisation and growing contents quality, the internet has become the backbone of the development. However, piracy hampers the development rate of M&E industry as the Indian regulatory system does not match with the technical advancement and hence this lead to the loss of revenue to the company or production house. We provide legal support to all unit of your production in all stages of work and also assist you with the publication and distribution rights of the media, which in turn helps in maintaining the media and public relation. We check for the piracy of content, detects and removes the illegal streaming of the contents through various websites and channels.