Cyber Security, Data Protection & Data Privacy Lawyer

The fact that India does not have any concrete data protection and day privacy laws, and the much discussed Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019 was withdrawn should not be a reason for your business to overlook data protection and data privacy requirements. There are still many countries that are very strict on how a business collects, stores and processes datas and any breach of such laws will have a significant monetary penalties.

Get your Data Privacy Policies drafted by an expert data privacy and data protection lawyers in Bengaluru, India. We ensure to understand and analyse the scope of data processing as well as data retention requirements. As consent and notice plays a critical factor in data collection and processing, we streamline the entire activity to avoid any data leakages of personal/ sensitive personal data. And the consent extends to processing of data of employees and job applicants as well.

Firm-wide review of contracts and third party/ vendor engagements are necessary for data protection.  Third-parties also need to follow stringent data collection and data processing of personal and sensitive personal data.

The laws and regulatory requirements on data privacy and data protection changes by the hour. Hence, it is important to conduct regular checks on how the personal and sensitive personal data is processed and ensure maximum compliance with strict personal data laws in India as well as other international jurisdictions. Our team provides dashboard to monitor changes to the data collection and storage process to ensure due compliance.

Our team also advises on the data collection and processing requirements of Aadhar data such as consent of Aadhaar user, redaction of Aadhaar and maintenance of Aadhaar Data Vaults. We represent clients in regulatory actions, defend clients against lawsuits and ensure data security obligations are enforced.

Comprehensive legal services on privacy and data protection laws:

  • Perform a thorough legal data privacy audit with our proprietary data privacy audit checklist.
  • Drafting web site and mobile application privacy policies, terms and conditions.
  • Conduct extensive data protection and privacy audits.
  • Identify gap analysis on the current implementation of data privacy controls.
  • Ready preparedness for data protection, privacy and cyber security.
  • Advice on preparation and maintenance of Records of Processing and the Breach Notification Procedure as per GDPR 2016.
  • Drafting agreements and policies on data and information exchanges.
  • Conduct training programs on data privacy and data protection.
  • Represent before courts/investigating agencies on prosecution and offences.
  • Represent before tribunals, regulatory authorities.
  • GDPR Compliance.
  • Data Privacy Policy, Consents and Notices.
  • Educate and create awareness among employees and management team on data privacy and protection.