The process of registering a company in India has been simplified with the government's digital transformation and adaptation policies in internet governance, along with the unified single taxation model called Goods & Services Tax (GST). Still running a business and sustaining with enormous laws and compliance issues could be a nightmare to most startups.

As a startup founder, you may face many challenges from talent hiring, pitching to investors to getting funding for your business. You need an experienced startup lawyer who understands these unique challenges and helps you in every step of the way with absolute commitment, enthusiasm, and trust.

We will help you in preparing business plans, pitching to investors, raising capital, building a strong talent pool, and legal compliances.

Some of our startup legal and tax expertise includes: company incorporation, intellectual property protection, trademark/copyright registration, employee structuring, talent acquisition, employment law compliance, commercial licenses, mergers & acquisitions, contract reviews and negotiation, and also offer dispute resolution mechanisms.