Arbitration is one of the effective non-legal tools to resolve a dispute, thus saving time, and cost. It is a preferred concept of ADR, aka, Alternative Dispute Resolution for businesses as it provides an easy and quick mechanism to reach an agreement without the lengthy, sometimes, chaotic legal battle.

When entering into the contracts, parties themselves provide a clause to refer the dispute, if any, to the arbitration. The decision of the arbitration is final if both the parties consent to the decision of the Arbitrator.

Our lawyers help you prepare the drafts of the complaint, discover evidence, and present your case to the Arbitrator with strong arguments. We commit ourselves to get you the favorable arbitration award. 

Arbitration is preferred in the resolution of commercial and consumer disputes. Our legal consultant assists you with the Bilateral Arbitration Treaties, consulting on negotiation settlement by the method of mutual conciliation.

Some of our arbitration services include:

  • Arbitration agreements, drafts, Bilateral Arbitration Treaties (BATs)
    drafting and enforcing of the arbitration agreements
  • Enforcing the arbitration awards for recovery of money
  • Challenging arbitration awards
  • Appeals against arbitration awards
  • International arbitration services for conducting International Arbitration Proceedings
  • Enforcement of International Arbitration Awards
  • Recovery of money due under International Arbitration Awards