Criminal law deals with threatening, harming or endangering the health, safety, property or the welfare of the person. Population growth and reduction in employment rate have led to an exponential growth of criminal activities.

Hence it’s essential to create or modify the criminal laws as per the Jurisdiction emphasize on the resolution of mutual disputes rather than the punishment. Crimes against the women like domestic violence, sex crimes etc. are increasing at an alarming rate.

Criminal activities involving forgery, cheating, cheque bouncing or misappropriation of money are on the rise. We provide solid legal advice in the criminal matters.

In India, the Criminal Laws are majorly covered under following statutes:

  • Code of Criminal Procedure
  • Indian Penal Code
  • Indian Evidence Act

Also, there are special criminal laws such as Dowry Prevention Act, and Prevention of Corruption Act to safeguard the rights of the people.

Cheque Bounce

Adv Rajesh Kumar has wide experience in prosecuting and defending cases in the matters of dishonor of cheques covered under Negotiable Instruments Act. Advise you on the best strategy for effective results.

White Collar Crime, Fraud Crime, Sex Crimes, Domestic Violence, Criminal Charges, Anticipatory Bail Applications, Private Complaint, Cheque Bouncing Cases, Trademark Violation, 498a IPC, Criminal Appeals, Forgery/Cheating/Misappropriation of money, etc.

Important Judgements

  • 498A
  • Sexual Crimes