Virtual CISO and DPO Services

Virtual CISO and DPO Services Outsource DPO services and benefits from our data protection experience. We offer a full review of your current policies and processes including an in-depth audit and regular compliance reporting. It also includes data breach management and onsite staff training. Our team ensures that your organization is fully compliant with Articles […]

Dishonour of Cheque Case under Sec. 138 of NI Act: Legal Guide

What is Negotiable Instrument? A negotiable instrument is a document based on a contract, guaranteeing a promise of payment of a specific amount of money on a certain date or on demand, by the payee whose name is stated in the document. Negotiable Instruments are cash equivalents which can be converted to liquid cash subjected […]

Making a false document – Sec.464 IPC

Indian Penal Code (IPC) Section 464. Making a false document 1[A person is said to make a false document or false electronic record— First—Who dishonestly or fradulently— (a) makes, signs, seals or executes a document or part of a document; (b) makes or transmits any electronic record or part of any electronic record; (c) affixes […]

E-mail Spoofing – Sec.463 IPC

Indian Penal Code (IPC) 463. Forgery 1[Whoever makes any false documents or false electronic record or part of a document or electronic record, with intent to cause damage or injury], to the public or to any person, or to support any claim or title, or to cause any person to part with property, or to […]

Bogus websites, Cyber Frauds – Sec.420 IPC

Indian Penal Code (IPC) Section 420. Cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property Whoever cheats and thereby dishonestly induces the person deceived any property to any person, or to make, alter or destroy the whole or any part of a valuable security, or anything which is signed or sealed, and which is capable of being […]

Sending defamatory messages by e-mail – Sec.499 IPC

Indian Penal Code (IPC) Section 499. Defamation Whoever, by words either spoken or intended to be read, or by signs or by visible representations, makes or publishes any imputation concerning any person intending to harm, or knowing or having reason to believe that such imputation will harm, the reputation of such person, is said, except […]