SEM VI Taxation – Unit IV Class Notes

Customs Laws: Legislative background of the levy
Appointment of Customs officers
Nature and restrictions on exports and imports
Levy, exemption and collection of customs duties, and overview of law and procedure
Clearance of goods from the port, including baggage
Goods imported or exported by post, and stores and goods in transit
Duty drawback provisions

SEM VI Taxation – Unit III Class Notes

Central Excise Laws: Nature, scope and basis of levy of Central Excise duty
Meaning of goods
Manufacture and manufacturer
Classification and valuation of goods
Duty payment and exemption provisions
Provisions and procedure dealing with registration and clearance of goods
An overview of set-off of duty scheme

SEM VI Taxation – Unit II Class Notes

Income Tax Authorities
Their appointment- Jurisdiction
Powers and functionsProvisions
relating to collection and recovery of tax
Refund of tax, appeal and revision provisions, offences and penalties.
Wealth Tax: Charge of Wealth-tax, assets, deemed assets, and assets exempted from tax
Wealth tax Authorities- Offences and penalties. 

SEM VI Taxation – Unit I Class Notes

Concept of Tax- Nature and characteristics of taxes
Distinction between tax and fee, tax and cess
Direct and Indirect taxes- Tax evasion and tax avoidance
Scope of taxing powers of Parliament, State Legislatures and Local bodies.
The Income Tax Act:
Basis of taxation of Income
Incomes exempted from tax
Income from salaries- Income from house property
Income from business or profession and vocation
Income from other sources
Taxation of individuals, HUF, firms, association of persons, Co-operative Societies and Non-Residents. 

SEM VI Intellectual Property Rights-II – Unit V Class Notes

International Treaties / Conventions on IPR:
TRIPS Agreement: Background
Salient Features of TRIPS
TRIPS and Indian IPR
Berne Convention: Background
Salient features of Paris Convention
Convention of Bio-Diversity: Objectives of CBD
Salient features of CBD
International IPR agreements affecting the protection of plant varieties: The
WTO Doha round of trade negotiations
International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources (“ITPGR”)