Table of Contents

Study Notes on Law of Torts – UNIT IV

Torts affecting body




False Imprisonment

Torts affecting reputation



Torts affecting freedom

Malicious Prosecution

Malicious Civil Action and Abuse of Legal Process;

Torts affecting domestic and other rights

Marital Rights

Parental Rights

Rights to Service

Contractual Rights

Intimidation and Conspiracy

Torts against property

What is libel? How it differs from slander?

What constitutes false imprisonment? Explain various defenses available to a defendant in case of false imprisonment.

Discuss the essentials of defamation with the help of decided cases.

Define assault and distinguish it from battery.

Define ‘assault’ and distinguish it from ‘Battery’.

Define defamation. Discuss briefly the various defenses available in an action for defamation.

Discuss ‘Assault’ and ‘Battery’ with the help of cases.

What is ‘Malicious prosecution’? Explain with essentials.

Rahim assaulted Buron. Buron brought an action and recovered damages for the assault. After sometimes Buron had to have a bone removed from his skull because of injuries he had received; he then brought another action in respect of this injury. Is Rahim liable?

‘Sham’ is fast asleep in a room and ‘Ram’ closes the main door of the room from outside and opens in before ‘Sham’ wakes up. Whether ‘Ram’ is guilty of falsely imprisoning ‘Sham’, while he is asleep?

Write a short note on: Malicious Prosecution


A famous biscuit company published a picture in a newspaper showing one famous Cricket Player Sachin eating their biscuit. Advise him about his legal remedies.

A cat strayed from its owner’s land into the land of a neighbour and killed birds kept there. Is there owner of cat liable?

Short note on Innuendo

False Imprisonment