Unit 4: Importance of good communication in one’s life – Communication Skills Class Notes

Improving your Communication Skills

  • Make an eye contact
    • Speak – looking at the person’s eye
    • Encourages another person to talk
    • Indicates that you are interested
  • Use gestures – hands and face
    • Body talk
    • Small gestures for a small group of people
    • Big gestures for a larger group
  • Don’t send mixed messages
    • Words, gestures and facial expression should reflect the message
  • Be aware of body language
    • Body language should speak the same message
    • More powerful than words
  • Manifest a good attitude and belief
    • Be composed (calm and control) when interacting with another person
    • Be honest and patient – optimistic
    • Sincere and Respectful
    • Be sensitive towards other people
  • Develop listening skill
    • Listen to other person’s activity

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