Unit 3 – Introduction to Communication Skills Class Notes

Responsibilities of a Journalist: Qualifications, Duties

Press Council of India

  • 1966 – 4th July
  • Autonomous, Statutory and quasi-judicial
  • Justice JR Mudholkar – Retired Judge of the SC – Chairman
  • The first press council was established by the first press commission 1954
  • Should have high standards and also to control the sensationalism
  • Safeguard the freedom of the press
  • Maintain high standards of public taste
  • To impose a sense of responsibility
  • To impose the standard of the press in India
  • Consists of 28 members + 1 chairman
  • 13 representative from working journalists (which 6 are editors, 7 are journalists) and 6 from management (1 from news agency) and 3 people selected have a special knowledge from various fields and 5 members are from parliament (3 from Lok Sabha & 2 from Rajya Sabha)
  • Power and functions of the Press Council of India
    • To help the newspaper maintain their independence
    • To build Code of conduct for newspapers and journalists to maintain the high standards
    • To make sure that media maintain a high standard to satisfy the public taste
    • To encourage a sense of responsibility and public service towards citizens
    • Reviews and dissemination of the news by the media for the public interest