Class Notes on Professional Ethics – Unit V (3rd Sem / 3 year LL.B)

Accountancy for lawyers Need for maintenance of accounts Books of accounts that need to be maintained Cash Book, Journal and Ledger Elementary aspects of bookkeeping Meaning object Journal Double entry system Closing of accounts The cash and bulk transaction The Cash book Journal proper especially with reference to client’s accounts Ledger Trial balance and final […]

Class Notes on Professional Ethics – Unit IV (3rd Sem / 3 year LL.B)

Selected opinions of the Bar council of India DC Appeal No. 16/93 1998 (Vol.1) IBR 135 BCI Tr. Case No.40/91 1998 (Vol.1) IBR139 DC Appeal No. 8/94 1998 (Vol. 1) IBR 153 DC Appeal No. 20/94 1997 (Vol. 3 &4) IBR 193 BCI Tr. Case No. 76/95 1997 (Vol. 3 &4) IBR 201 DC Appeal […]

Class Notes on Professional Ethics – Unit III (3rd Sem / 3 year LL.B)

Contempt of Court Act, 1972 Selected major judgments of the Supreme Court: In the matter of D, An Advocate, AIR 1956 SC 102 P.J.Ratnam v. D.Kanikaram, AIR1964 SC 244 N.B.Mirzan v. The disciplinary committee of Bar Council of Maharastra and Another, AIR 1972 SC 46 Bar Council Of Maharastra v. M.V.Dabholkar, etc., AIR 1976 SC […]