SEM V Intellectual Property Rights-I – Unit II Class Notes

Trade Marks: Introduction and overview of trade mark

Evolution of trade mark law

Object of trade mark

Features of good trade mark

Different forms of trade mark

Trademark registry and register of trade marks

Property in a trade mark

Registrable and non-registrable marks

Basic principles of registration of trade mark

Deceptive similarity

Assignment and transmission

Rectification of register

Infringement of trade mark

Passing off

Domain name protection and registration

Offences and penalties


SEM V Intellectual Property Rights-I – Unit III Class Notes

Introduction and overview of Cyber Intellectual Property

Intellectual property and cyberspace

Emergence of cyber crime

Grant in software patent and Copyright in software

Software piracy

Trade marks issues related to Internet (Domain name)

Data protection in cyberspace

E-commerce and E-contract

Salient features of Information Technology Act

IPR provisions in IT Act

Internet policy of Government of India


SEM V Intellectual Property Rights-I – Unit IV Class Notes

Geographical Indications: Introduction and overview of geographical indications

Meaning and scope of geographical indications

Important geographical indications of India and their features

Salient features of the Protection of Geographical Indications Act

Protection of geographical indications

Misleading use of geographical indications

Registration of geographical indications

Right to use geographical indications


Remedies against infringement

Role and functions of Registrar of Geographical indication

Conflict between Trade mark and geographical indications


SEM V Intellectual Property Rights-I – Unit V Class Notes

International Convention and Treaties

Paris Convention: Background

Salient features of Paris Convention

Governing rules of Paris Convention

Patent Cooperation Treaty: Background

Objectives of PCT

Salient features of PCT

Madrid Convention: Salient features

International registration of marks

World Intellectual Property Organisation: Background

Salient features WIPO

Organisation of WIPO


SEM V Civil Procedure & Limitation Act – Unit V Class Notes

Limitation Act, 1963

(Act no. 36 of 1963)

Sections Particulars
Part I Preliminary
1 Short title, extent and commencement
2 Definitions
Part II Limitation of Suits, Appeals and Applications
3 Bar of Limitation
4 Expiry of prescribed period when court is closed
5 Extension of prescribed period in certain cases
6 Legal disability
7 Disability of one of several persons
8 Special exceptions
9 Continuous running of time
10 Suits against trustees and their representatives
11 Suits on contracts entered into outside the territories to which the Act extends
Part III Computation of Period of Limitation
12 Exclusion of time in legal proceedings
13 Exclusion of time in cases where leave to sue of appeal as a pauper is applied for
14 Exclusion of time of proceeding bona fide in court without jurisdiction
15 Exclusion of time in certain other cases
16 Effect of death on or before the accrual of the right to sue
17 Effect of fraud or mistake
18 Effect to acknowledgment in writing
19 Effect of payment on account of debt or of interest or legacy
20 Effect of acknowledgment or payment by another person
21 Effect of substituting or adding new plaintiff or defendant
22 Continuing breaches and torts
23 Suits for compensation for acts not actionable without special damage
24 Computation of time mentioned in instruments
Part IV Acquisition of ownership by possession
25 Acquisition of easements by prescription
26 Exclusion in favor of reversioner of servant tenement
27 Extinguishment of right to property
Part V Miscellaneous
28 Amendment of certain Acts
29 Savings
30 Provision for suits, etc., for which the prescribed period is shorter than the period prescribed by the Indian Limitation Act, 1980
31 Provisions as to barred or pending suits, etc
32 Repeal
Schedule Period of Limitations
Division I Suits
Part I Suits relating to Accounts
Part II Suits relating to Contracts
Part III Suits relating to Declarations
Part IV Suits relating to Declarations
Part V Suits relating to Immovable Property
Part VI Suits relating to movable property
Part VII Suits relating to torts
Part VIII Suits relating to trust and trust property
Part IX Suits relating to miscellaneous maters
Part X Suits for which there is no prescribed period
Division II Appeals
Division III Applications
Part I Applications in specified cases
Part II Other applications

SEM V Civil Procedure & Limitation Act – Unit IV Class Notes

Suits in particular cases

Suits by or against Governments (Sec. 79 to 82, O.27)

Suits by aliens and by or against foreign rulers, ambassadors (Sec. 85 to 87)

Suits relating to public matters (Sec. 91 to 93)

Suits by or against firms (O.30)

Suits by or against minors and unsound persons (O.32)

Suits by indigent persons (O.33)

Inter-pleader suits (Sec. 88, O.35)

Interim Orders

Commissions (Sec. 75, O.26)

Arrest before judgment and attachments before judgment (O.38)

Temporary injunctions (O.39)

Appointment of receivers (O.40)

Appeals (Ss. 90 to 109, O.41, 42, 43, 45)


Review and Revision (Ss. 113, 114, 115, O.46, O.46)

Caveat (Sec. 144.A)

Inherent powers of the court (Ss. 148, 149, 151)